Projects / Parker Ito - WipeoutXL

We worked with artist Parker Ito to create two distinct sections of animation for his film Wipeout XL, shown as part of his solo exhibition 'Maid in Heaven / En Plein Air in Hell (My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Cheeto Problem)' at White Cube, Mason's Yard.

The Western Exterminator's company mascot is a re-occurring motif within Parkers recent works - our first task was to sculpt and create a rigged character model for animation.

In the sections we created for Wipeout XL, the Western Exterminator dances in the light from a large curved screen playing two music videos in a large darkened studio space. The camera flys round the studio shifting between framed cinematic shots and back stage reveals.

We also created an animated graphic logo from which stills were incorporated into many of the painted and printed pieces in the show.

Check out more work by Parker Ito here at the artist's website.

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