Projects / Crabtree & Evans - CRITTERS

We worked with artists Julia Crabtree and William Evans to digitally re-create the Cosmic Anisotropy Telescope located in Cambridge, UK - and created an interactive UE4 scene to enable the artists to resculpt the form into different shapes within the landscape.

The landscape was purposely abstracted from the actual site location of the telescope and the sounds of the metal peices moving when the user interacts with them are actually sampled from traditional Japanese theatre instruments. This makes for a very odd audio-visual discordance.

Textures for the telescope were built from iphone imgs of the location, taken by the artists whilst they were on a residency at the Wysing Arts Centre. Once refined, these textures served a dual purpose - applied to the digital model itself, and later incorporated into large prints shown as part of a group show at Wysing.

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